JEE training helps aspiring students learn various tips and tricks on how to crack the JEE exam.

The dream of many a student, JEE coaching is perhaps an arduous task as it can sometimes be monotonous and boring. However, with the right approach, the correct strategy, and a bundle of patience one can crack the exam easily and get into the prestigious engineering college of his or her choice.

We at AnA Academy provide online training to crack the IIT entrance test. We have taught each and every student who has approached us with our course.

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OUR Course

JEE Training

10th,11th,12th class After 

JEE Training

11th,12th class & after 

JEE Training

AnA science foundation for JEE Training

JEE Training

10th,12th class after 

JEE Training

6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th Maths,Phys,chemistry


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OUR Course Workflow

Acquire a study patten & course package

Engage your child by onboarding on good & needed courses patten.

veujs course in madurai

Learn - Drive - Test

Conquer subject - syllabus wise course completion followed by comprehensive exam both online classroom training.

django course in madurai

prepare the exam

We drive your child to prepare mentally & physically with our plan for exam through repeat & score patten mock exam.

veujs course in madurai

Allset for JEE

Once Childrens are ready with syllabus time speed & accuracy training is given for make them "All set"


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